Quick Noodles (movie page 6)

wow. Can’t wait to see what the armor looks like. Nice details.

Love the style you have going on with your details.

How did you get the nice creases and transitions around the nose?

I can see some of it was lazy mouse and standard brush or something similar for the lines and wrinkles but the ones around the nose look different. Did you get the crease first and then use the flatten brush? Could you explain how you acheived them in a couple short sentences? I would really appreciate it.

This is great FoOD. I like your style, it’s very uniqe. I see you’ve gone mad about sculpting :smiley: :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks for posting the “older” model, these alien heads are so cool! :+1: !

Very cool! (y)
Are you going to sell the granox print?

Can I haz more pleez? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice stuff mate, you’ve seriously inspired me to get off my arse more.

Thx Dudes :smiley:

3mm - I usually use claytubes a lot lately but this might help better than explainin - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_CttgDFcq0&feature=channel_page

Aberrant - link above might help but mostly just push mesh around with clay or clay tubes, flatten and Dam Standard and repeat :lol:
the protoss was done in zbrush 2 and there was no lazy mouse …mostly just the standard brush and adjusted falloff …

Santis - :lol: hope not

malus - good to know man :bulb:

This was the base for another model I am doing … played around with other shapes and added a helm …still early wip …teeth base done in 3dsmax

HeDButt - cant see or smell …just let him loose and get out ;]



sick style

That last one is awesome

really amazing sculpt!!! great technik and volum feeling!!

excellent truly inspirational :+1:

Your style is so unique and amazing!
Always great to see a new update!
I hope we see the Gra´Nox print soon. :wink:

FoO… I must say I love your style… these quick “noodles” are so inspiring to me, as I’m just getting my feet wet in Zbrush (been a Max man since it first came out, decieded to try my hand at some sculpting)… These forums are so awesome for us noobs and you are one of the many here that help out with that comunity spirit that helps everyone grow as artists…

Thanks again for the awesome work and hopefully in a few days I can post some stuff up…

Hi FoOD! The HeDButt looks great, Lookin’ forward to seeing the evolution of that sculpt! :+1: !

Bad ass Furio, looks like a Uruk-Hai berserker! :slight_smile: Great sculpt.

Hey very nice stuff !
interesting shapes and nice details !


Dryn, nellement, Leehand, Avan-AMS, Etcher, ced66 - Thx guys really appreciate it :smiley:

Moni-Poroni - Thx man …should be happening soon :smiley:

SKA-T2 - Thx Dude - keen to see some stuff from you :slight_smile:

jp_smith - Thx - yup kinda thinkinkin along those lines - but not sure if I will go with this helm

Another quicky 1h +/- still very ruff - wanna try stencils on this guy and some polypaint which I hardly do



Post #57 rocks!:+1:

extremely inspiring thread man. this is exactly the kind of stuff that made an illustration student like me curious with 3d. keep em coming please :slight_smile:

Great work! Keep it up. Would love to see much more.