Quick Material test...

My Z-Material explorations have lead me to this result this afternoon. I thought I’ll scare you with it…snake_mat.jpg


I really like that! Can you talk about how it was done?

cool, bake that stuff :slight_smile:

Very cool effect! Something to do with color bump?

Green Stuff is the SphericaqlIntensity Material with a sprinkle of ColorBump in it’s settings. By default it lacks any color bump. It also picks up the color from the color selector which is noce. You can make a killer black leather with that.

The the inner part (Green Stuff) is the same as the outer part except that the outer part is grown a tiny bit with the tool->Deformation->Inflate option. When I placed the green part I set a marker, so I can plopp down the other part just at the same position.

How did the mesh work? Simple… You will laugh in a second…
Create an empty canvas. Set the largest single layer brush size you can and select the material the mesh should have. Then smear it all over the canvas so you have a nice rectangle. In my case I made a square document… Doesn;t really matter now. Then you switch to the flat color material. You select the blackest black you can get hold off. then you set the stroke to this matrix (GRID Stroke) and set reptetitions to 10x10 or more and size about .1 to .4. Then drag ( holding shift) a black matrix onto the material underground.

When done, take the MRGBZ dohickey tool and grab that canvas as texture. Then you assemble your drawing while keeping the parts on separate layers. You apply the texture to the slightly larger part. Looks like… bad… doesn;t it. Now… in Texture Tab set ‘transparent’. Tada… all black gone and green shines through lol. You can also mask using a bw texture, hide and delete -> Meats Wire style. But the ‘black is transparent’ illusion is quick. Then you can make it look a tick nicer while applying a tad color along the rim here and there with low intensity setting so precision is not dramatic and you are all set. It’s a bit tricky with the texture and the black squares but it works real well and always think about the fact that you can tile a texture. That helps a lot. I tiled mine 8:15. Of course your UV’s must be set nicely to make it work right 8-).


…is the weapon of Lemon Copperfield :smiley:
Green lemon in knot golden cage :wink:

It’s more 'Lemo, Master of cheap Tricks :}

Unfortunately I cannot mask geometry like this as the mask option only works with the generic UV mapping and does not consider tiling. I tried many ways and cannot achieve it. Maybe 2.5 will do it… Then… Lemo goes nutzzzzzz.
Carve that turkey for real!