Quick Blockouts !!

So the name says it all the purpose would be to do quick blockout from 8-12 hours max

first blockout was a disaster so not showing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Blockout 02 (Sagat) 7 hours

Blockout 03 (Original concept by Anthony Jones aka Robot Pencil) 4 hours






Blockout 04 started with Zspheres (Original concept by Anthony Jones aka Robot Pencil) 4 hours

Cool sculpts! The thing that stands out straight away on the Sagat sculpt is your forearms. Despite the stylisation they still look kinda strange, would revisit that area. The aliens look great :slight_smile:

Thanks Man !! you are right and I will try to fix this in the future stuff :smiley:

Another quick sculpt , 4.5 hours

06 Cardinal Scipione (Original sculpture by Bernini)

Nice job Antone :slight_smile: We need to get more GAA folks on here

hey Jayson Glade to see you here too buddy :smiley:

07 always loved the studies done by scott eaton so used the same pose and ref he used , if you have any crits feel free to tear it apart !! :smiley:

still under 12 hour


#08 Still under 12 hours margin , the elephantaur from god of war , quite a ride to be honest :confused: :smiley:



#09 got alittle into a bad mood “zone” and thought of doing an anatomy exercise to get things going :smiley: , tear it apart if you have any crits please ! cheers ! :smiley:



Nice thread, I always like seeing quick work, shows more finesse.

For the anatomy studies the only thing I would mention is trying to get the interlocking forms of the serratus muscles that run along the side of the body more defined.

Also the latissimus dorsi connects a big lower down towards the butt. Where as with your study it seems to almost be two muscle groups.

Great work! Keep it up I’ll check back for updates.

thanks for the crits , will try to fix it :smiley: :wink:

More Work :smiley: :smiley:



more work , hopefully someone out there is interested and secretly watching :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

face 02.jpg

Yea man, I really do feel your pain. Feels so hopeless at times… oh well what are we going to do but keep pushing :slight_smile:

Anyway, these are great dude! Keep up the good work :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks man :smiley: needed some encouragement I will keep pushing ! :smiley:

Cyclops Original Concept by Robot Pencil


Clever design, and good execution :slight_smile:

thanks man ! :smiley: