Questions and Troubleshooting for ZBrushCore 2018

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Q: Am I eligible to upgrade?
A: Anyone who has ever purchased a ZBrushCore license from Pixologic or from an authorized retailer is eligible for a free upgrade to ZBrushCore 2018.

Q: How do I upgrade?
A: Use My Licenses to upgrade.

Q: Do I need to uninstall or deactivate my old version?
A: No. This is a new installation, new activation system and new serial number. While the original release of ZBrushCore is no longer supported, you don’t need to uninstall your old version. You also don’t need to deactivate it.

Q: I upgraded but didn’t get a download email.
A: First, did you upgrade right when it was scheduled to go live (or a bit before)? Anyone who tried to upgrade before we announced that it was live has created a situation that can only be resolved via a Support ticket. If you got your ZBrushCore 2018 serial number but did not receive a delivery email with your download link, check your junk mail folder, spam filter and places like Gmail’s Promotions tab. You can also log in at My Licenses to download the installer directly from there.

Q: How do I activate ZBrushCore 2018?
A: The activation system for ZBrushCore 2018 uses your Pixologic ID. When you first run ZBrushCore 2018 it will ask you to activate. You will then use your Pixologic ID to bring up a list of your available serial numbers. Choose the serial number that you wish to activate with. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. You will then be brought back to ZBrushCore to automatically complete the activation.

If your computer doesn’t have internet access, you will instead be able to create an activation Request File. Copy this file to a USB stick or other portable media and take to a computer that does have internet access. There, go to https://register.pixologic.com/activate to use your Request File and create an Activation File. Take this Activation File back to your ZBrushCore computer to complete the activation.

Q: Why do I need a Pixologic ID?
A: Pixologic understands that trying to keep track of and manage serial numbers often becomes frustrating – especially when it’s many years since your initial purchase. The new Pixologic ID system puts a number of ZBrushCore related tasks under a single login: License Management, Upgrading, Downloading, our online Store and also Support. This will make your life much easier!

Since the Pixologic ID system is relatively new, many of our existing users do not already have an ID registered. If you have never used My Licenses before, you probably do not yet have a Pixologic ID. To create one, go to My Licenses page and click the “Forgot Password?” link. Be sure to then enter the same email address that your license was purchased under. If you have a Pixologic ID, you will be given the option to reset your password. If you do not have a Pixologic ID, click the Register button at the upper right corner of the page. When creating your Pixologic ID, please use the same email address that is associated with your licenses.

Q: I have logged in at My Licenses, but it doesn’t show any ZBrushCore licenses. What’s wrong?
A: My Licenses can only display the serial numbers associated with the email address that you used to log in. If no licenses display then your licenses are under a different email address. Please log in under the correct email address in order to be able to proceed.

Q: What if my email address has changed?
A: You can still upgrade, install and activate under your old email address. All of the systems give you the necessary information in your web browser or via ZBrushCore itself. However, we do recommend that you update your email address with Pixologic at your earliest convenience. In order to protect your account security, we require that all email address changes by made through a Support ticket.

Q: What does it mean that ZBrushCore 2018 is dual platform?
A: All ZBrushCore 2018 serial numbers can work on both Windows and macOS. You no longer need separate serial numbers for each platform. Single-User licenses are still allowed the “Home Use” activation – in other words, ZBrushCore can be activated on any two systems provided that both copies aren’t actually run at the same time. However, those two activations can now be both Windows, both macOS, or one of each. Volume license serial numbers also now allow activation on any combination of both Windows and macOS systems, with the serial number allowing a number of concurrent activations equal to the total number of seats purchased.

Q: My company has separate volume licenses for both Windows and macOS. How should we upgrade?
A: Upgrade both serial numbers, but use only one of them. For the other, submit a Support ticket telling us which serial number you are using and which you would like to discontinue. We will then merge the licenses accordingly.

Q: I previously purchased a cross-platform for ZBrushCore. How does this affect ZBrushCore 2018?
A: The cross-platform purchase was an add-on for your original ZBrushCore license. It was not a stand-alone license (which is why it received a 50% discount) and as such is not eligible for upgrade. Your original license will be the only one that is upgraded and will now work for both operating systems. If you wish to have two separate licenses (which would both be dual platform), you may upgrade the cross-platform add-on to a full commercial license. The price of doing this will be 50% of the ZBrushCore 2018 price. ($74.98 before the price change and $89.98 after.)

Q: Is the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge now going to be dual platform?
A: The change to dual platform cannot happen until the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge undergoes an upgrade of some kind. This will undoubtedly happen eventually, but we have no information at this time as to when. If you wish to use the Bridge on both platforms before that change happens, you can purchase a cross-platform add-on at half the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge price. ($74.50 USD) Whenever the Bridge does change to being dual-platform, this will then be handled the same way that the ZBrush licenses are being done now.

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