Question:Turning a Zscript into a Zplug-in?

At a loss as to how.

I’ve made up a little zscript that sets up my modeling for a
zsphere session.
It draws one zsphere on the canvas, x-sym on, edit on and draw size to 1.
I have the script in the zlauncher with a play button but I’d like it as a plug-in so I could drag it to the shelf.
Any chance any of the script guru’s could help me out? I understand a little scripting but not much… lol

try to upload it…it should be small file.

  • this idea was taken from an old zscript from EZ but couldn’t get it to work in 2.0. *

Was answered in email by my old friend…

I was going to reply to this, so in case any one else is interested first check this info here.

Simply putting your ZScript in the …\ZBrush2\ZStartUp\ZPlugs folder won’t work though. You need to edit the text file version of your script first.

Before the [IButton, bit of your script put this:

[ISubPalette,Zplugin:More Plugs]

This tells ZB to create a Plugin button and to put it in the ‘More Plugs’ subpalette.

Then edit the name of the button (immediately after the first IButton comma) so as to include the plugin folder - it should read something like:

“Zplugin:More Plugs:My Modeling”,

Having edited your script save it as a text file to your …\ZBrush2\ZStartUp\ZPlugs folder and then load it into ZBrush using the ZScript menu load button. It should then appear as a new button in the More Plugs bit of the ZPlugin menu.

The edited version of your script is below.


Thank you so very much for taking the time to help. I love to learn things. I really really appreciate it. It’s people like you that is the very reason I come here!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so I’m out to prove them wrong! :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

You’re very welcome wenna! And I’m an old dog, learning new tricks the whole time. :smiley:

hey thanks marcus…now i can add my little scripts to change doc and texture sizes to my shelf and quickly change from whatever my default is. sigh we need 48 hour days. :wink:

Hi Marcus,

Great tips on setting up personal ZPlugs. If I might make a suggestion… (a home-work assignment for you if you accept it)?

I just noticed that TVeyes’ Code Samples thread has gone sticky. This is a perfect opportunity to build up an extended library of tips exactly like yours. Could you add your ZPlugs tip to that thread? In his post, TVeyes suggests a format that makes sense.

(In fact, I should take my own advice and start posting some tips up there too… :smiley: )


aminuts: great, glad you found the info useful.

Sven: thanks and yes, I’ll do as you suggest, just as soon as I’ve finished the essay I’m writing on String Theory and the Space-Time Continuum. There were a couple of things I thought might be worth posting there. And naturally I shall keep an eye out for yout tips.