Question: rename subtool? script execution issue

Hello everyone! Please can someone explain me…

  1. is there a way to rename subtool?
  2. when i trying to use “decimation plugin” (like [IPress, “Zplugin:Decimation Master:Pre-process current” or anything else] right after that my script immediatly stops execution. Is there a way to continue it or maybe start another one?

[IPress, “Zplugin:Decimation Master:Decimate Current”]
[MessageOK,“It’s Alive!!”] //Nope probably not

Thank you in advance for your help

The problem is Decimation Master is Separated Scripts and in Zbrush u can run only one Script at time.
So when your script trigger Decimation Master it stop working and Decimation Master script take controle.

Ok i got it, thank you. I just thought there might be some kind of tricky way

There are a couple hacky ways to rename subtools. The way I rename subtools is by, setting the SubD to 1 then moving it to the top of the stack and then setting the path with:

[ToolSetPath, Tool Index (zero based). If omited then uses the currently selected tool., New Path. Path extension (such as .ztl) will be omited.]

You could also save the file to a temp directory to rename the subtool but I find this to be much slower on dense meshes. Either way I “believe” the subtool has to be at the top of the stack.

Nyx 702, thank you sooo much! It almost drives me crazy.

Much appreciated for your help, guys


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