Question: pop-up texts

All I could find that worked was the text color switch, \C. Nothing else I tried would break the line. Would be a nice feature though!


(oddly enough, I seem to have replied to your post before you posted it. Hmm)

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is possible to code line breaks in pop-up text, and if so how? Sometimes it would be nice to not have text all in one long line but the
used in Notes doesn’t work for pop-ups.

great trick Svengali…i thought i was losing it there for a minute.

Thanks Sven, but if I use \C (on its own) I get some strange behaviour. Either my pop-up text is truncated at that point (I get the same using
) or, stranger still, in certain configurations I get some of the pop-up text for my last mouseover. You might like to try this code:

[IButton,“Test button”,“Mouseover\C”]

and tell me what happens. Occasionally I get some lurid color combinations and the NoteBar is worth keeping an eye on too. Particularly tantilizing is when I mouseover the HSV color selector and back to my button - the RGB values are there with neat line breaks.

I’d also be interested to know the code you used to post 36 minutes before my post!

What I meant to say was the only switch I could get to work in popups was \C (PLUS a value) to change text color. I didn’t mean to imply that \C would work as a line break.

Sorry for the confusion. If I could figure out how I managed the time shift on my earlier post, I would just go back and change the unfortunate phrasing in my answer, thus avoiding the necessity of posting this clarification. :lol:


(p.s. For what it’s worth, I’m my own Grandpa, too.)

(p.s. For what it’s worth, I’m my own Grandpa, too.)

That’s a relief… It’s quite possible then that this thread, before long, will have not started at all. :wink: