Question: coding image sequence with passes?

I’m taking baby steps in trying to code something similar to Turntable Plus. Essentially I want to render an image sequence and save the different passes (shaded, shadow, AO, depth, SSS, etc.)

The first issue that I’m running across is that zscipt errors on saving a simple render pass.
For example, I might have a simple zscript like this in part of my code:

[IPress,Render:BPR RenderPass:Render Best Preview]
[FileNameSetNext,“renders\shade_001.tif”][IPress,Render:BPR RenderPass:Img]

then I’ll get an error like this:

ERROR: Render:BPRRenderPass:Img
IN: [IPress,Render:BPRRenderPass:Img]

The second issue that I’m having trouble with is extracting the Time Track information so I can write a loop with a counter to advance the frame in the timeline after the image is rendered and the passes are saved.

I know that I could easily render a turnable with different shaders to get a color pass, shadow pass, etc., but there is no way to my knowledge to do this for AO, depth, and sss passes in order to composite them in post.

By any chance is Turntable Plus available for Z4R5?

I will look into updating Turntable Plus.

In the meantime, you can export the render pass files like this:

//image export
//depth export
//shadow export
//AO export
//mask export

//Sss export

//Floor export

This uses the numerical IDs for the buttons instead of their button paths, and the info check is to see that there is actually an image to save.