Question: Can I toggle "UV master-> polygroups" button?

Can I toggle “UV master-> polygroups” button by Z-script?
(or save the state by anything else method?)

That button is disabled at every startup, and “Preference-> config-> store config” does not work.
So I thought I may be able to use “startup macro” method.
Unfortunately, that button might be a Z-script button, so my startup macro is halted, and I can’t change the state.

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It will work in your startup macro as long as it’s the last command inside the macro button.

[IUnPress,Zplugin:UV Master:Polygroups]
]//end of macro button

As you say, UV Master is a plugin, so when the “Polygroups” button is pressed control passes to UV Master and your macro ceases.


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Thank you! it works.

But I feel it is a final resort.
I need to choose the one wise choice.:joy:

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Yes, I agree. But I don’t think the restriction on how zscript/plugins work is going to change any time soon!

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