Question about ZBrush functions

Hello, ZBrush Community I only started using ZBrush yesterday the German Version, and an urgent question. When I import a character from CC3 how can I position it in the middle of the picture without the eyes, teeth etc. remaining somewhere else? I mean it’s all together I’ve already looked on YouTube but unfortunately nothing is mentioned there, just impliment and then zack he is in the middle. I mean that is not exactly little money what the program costs;). I didn’t find anything in the documents and unfortunately no instructions. Thanks for your answer. Sven (Wulf) Sorry my English but it is the Google Tranlater then my English not very good.

Once imported, select Move, far right of Gizmo above is white rectangle, clicking on it other rectangles will show, moves all subtools then. HTH

ok thanks, i’m healthy. I still have a question. Can I paint the model with color with ZBrush, if so with which tool exactly?


ok thank you