Question About Z Brush Student


I’m struggling to find information on this, so I thought I’d ask here. I’m a student and the University have brought in Z-brush, I have very little time to access the studios and they are usually very busy so I’m considering purchasing the student license. I have a question as I keep reading conflicting information.

If I buy the student version, when a new version comes out (whether it is a small upgrade or a completely new version) do I have to buy it again, or will it upgrade for free?

If I can get new versions for free and only pay once then I feel this will be a worthwhile investment, but understandably my money is tight, so I don’t want to buy this for to be updates to a new edition which I would then have to pay for again.


Hi Pandora!

Yes, the student license also allows you to upgrade for free. It says so here in the official Pixologic page: http://store.pixologic.com/ZBrush-4R7-Academic-and-Educational-License/

Oh wow man I didn’t know this. Shoud’ve went with the student license instead. Consider my own license are for hoddy purpose only and I use my company one for work.