Question about the Perspective function and 3D printing...

Hi all, got another super-noob question: which screen view gives the more accurate look for how the model will look once it’s printed? Perspective ‘on’ or ‘off?’ Kind thanks in advance!

The Perspective view is the best - it’s similar to how you’d see the printed model, or if you took a photo of it.

If Perspective is off then there is no front-to-back reduction in size. In real life, the further away something is the smaller it appears.

Load the Cube project and tilt it so you’re looking slightly down on it. Then try turning Perspective on and off. You’ll see that with Perspective off the cube looks quite odd.

Turning Perspective off can be useful for some operations, such as when you are judging sizes of two different parts, or sculpting using reference images.

Thank you, friend Marcus! This really helped! Much appreciated!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I had a followup noob question using perspective for 3d printing. Would you be using a 50 angle of view set the draw menu, a 90, a 35? Any idea which angle would give the most accurate view of the actual printed model?. Thanks!