Queen Amidala

I’ve always loved the costume design of the Star Wars prequels, the Throne Room Gown designed by Trisha Biggar for a young Queen Amidala is so other-worldly and iconic.
For this project, I wanted to re-create this gown in 3D as well as sculpt a good Likeness of Natalie Portman.

I started in Maya, roughly modeling all the pieces of the Character. I’ve wanted to learn Marvelous Designer for a while now and thought this would be a good project to start off with. I probably should have started with a t-shirt or something smaller as this was a very steep learning curve, but I got there in the end. After I was happy with the simulation, I retopo’d, cleaned everything up and added some details in Zbrush.

For the likeness, I used the same process from my Obi-Wan tutorials. Using R3DSWrap to project the TexturingXYZ details onto a clean, UV’d mesh, adding my own sculpted details, as well as some face paint details.

I used a combination of Mari and Substance Designer for the texturing. Substance Designer is great for creating the lace and embroidery details as well as the fabric weaves.

Xgen was used to create all the hair and fur of the character, and I used Maya/Arnold to create the materials and renders.




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Thanks very much Paul!

Beautiful work!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!

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Thanks very much Geert!

Very good :wink:

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Thanks man!

Wow, truly beautiful!
Yes, I love the prequel designs too, especially Episode I (before they started subtly transforming designs in Ep II and III to look more Ep IV), so eloquent and a lot of the ships have a streamlined look too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the designs of the expanded universe, but Ep I is unique.

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Perfectly Sculpted! :slight_smile: looks spot on


For sure man, I think the world-building episode 1 established though its design is so underrated. The movie might not be to everyone’s taste but they really did a stellar job expanding on the original star wars universe.

Thank you Pixo_daisuke :slight_smile:

Splendid! @adamocg :trophy:

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Thanks a lot Jaime! :slight_smile:

As someone who has been making Star Wars merchandise for over 25 years, the only word I can use to describe this piece is “perfect”.

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So elegant and well executed!

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This is freaking amazing! I would say I love this more than the original :smiley:

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Thank you Ed!

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Thanks very much Michael!

Thanks very much Rod!


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