Quality image problem in zBrushCentral

Hi there! I have a problem with my images on topic. I upload png files 1920/1260 about 1 Mb each one. And those are really bad quality. Like WEB format. Does anyone know tips for fix this?

Hello @mungeor

Your experience doing this will vary with your screen resolution and display settings. If you load an image that is larger than the forum formatting will allow on your specific display environment, a smaller version of the image will be inserted into the thread that you can then click on to expand, and click on again to expand to full resolution. This appears to be the case as far as I can see when viewing your thread.

Are you not able to click on the images and expand them to a larger size? If not, please contact Pixologic Support. We would need to get some specific information about how you are viewing the page.

If you are referring to the quality of the images themselves when viewed at full rez, this will again come down to image res vs screen res. A 1920 x 1080 image will look fine on a 1920x 1080 display, but will look small on a 4k display, and blurry if scaled up to full screen. You would need to double your image dimensions to display at good quality on a 4k display.

Thank you!