QToolBar 1.0 Released

QToolbar 1.0

What is it?

Qtoolbar is a floating toolbar for Zbrush. The features you use most are literally at your fingertips. I hope you find this tool useful.

Quick overview video


Downlad QToolbar.zip

System requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows 7 (Support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.)
NET Framework 4.5 (QToolbar will not run at all without it)


Looks cool. How customizable is this and are you planning on doing a version for Mac?

Thanks MentalFrog. Its not possible to customize brushes yet.

Mac version? Not possible, sorry. I don’t have a Mac and I don’t really know how to code on Mac.

Please make the brushes customizable. I really like the aesthetic of the icon of the brushes. Reminds me of Mudbox’s brushes icons. Also the whole interface of the floating toolbar also reminds of me Mudbox where you have everything that you need right there without ever going through menus and submenus just to get Zbrush what you want it to do. I know that Zbrush is customizable and you can collapse submenus but the floating menu just makes things more simpler and clean without jumping from one menu to another.

Please continue to refine this toolbar. It would definitely save people from searching through menus and time from some of the most basic and most used menus in Zbrush. Thank you.

Brushes customization can be tricky to get working. Currently there is no (easy) way to communicate with Zbrush other than ZScript and it pretty limited, it can be difficult and time consuming to put it together.

I hope Pixologic makes it possible to communicate with Zbrush other than with ZScript or make Zbrush API available for programmer.

For what version is the Toolbar,
Some features work for me, but most don’t I have 4R4.

Nice job BTW It looks great!

It’s for version 4R4. Which version are you using and what button/function doesn’t work for you?

All the brush types are not working,masking brushes don’t not work,exept initial mode seems to activate.

Dragging the bar works moving the subtools up and down also work.

Picture viewer works.

Save and export tool doesn’t work.(timeline bar show up)

Xpose works.

Docking the toolbar works.

Opacity works.

Hide taskbar works.

Auto hide works.

Undo redo works.

Polyframe works.

High Low res works.

All the morphs don’t work.

Duplicate does a dynamesh.

Zooming does not work.

View mask and inverse mask work

All the mask grouping stuff does not work.

Grow Shrink Blur mask does not work.

Divideing works(smooth divide).

Listing subtools work.

Load tool seems to do: select up and move down at the same time.

Clip curves don’t work.

Slice curves don’t work.
you can select them,then they appear to be in the status bar, but don’t ‘stick’.

Tested this with my custom UI,and final test with restore standard UI.

Regards Ronald.

Seems like you haven’t imported the QToolbar hotkeys. Try in Zbrush --> Preferences –> Hotkeys –> Load (locate “MyHotkeys” that came with QToolbar). You do not need to “Store” the hotkeys, for QToolbar to works. If you do, please do a backup your hotkeys first.

What is your Zbrush version?

Great stuff,
Everything works like a charm !:smiley:


Dont work here ! 4r42p
I can´t see the tool inside the canvas, just in the windows tab menu.
Where i have to place the QToolBar folder ?

Try increasing the screen resolution,then grab the toolbar and dock it in the middel,
then you can try your own resolution.

Nop !..still dont work for me, w7 64, updated netframework, zb4r42p.
The tool is out zb interface and can´t handle it.
Where should I place the the Qtoolbar folder ?

It doesn’t matter where you place the QToolbar folder.

If the QToolbar is outside the screen resolution.

Open windows explorer, paste this “%USERPROFILE%\Appdata\Local\QToolbar” (without quotes) into your windows explorer address bar. Open folder called “QToolbar.exe_Url_\”

Drag the file “user.config” in notepad, change DockLocX and DockLocY to 500.

setting name="DockLocX" serializeAs="String" value>500 /setting setting name="DockLocY" serializeAs="String" value>500 /setting

Your QToolbar should now startup at center screen.

This is my problem…

mi screen.JPG

The hotkeys run perfect, but I can not access the tool !!
Is in the task bar and nothing happens, I can not interact with the tool.

And “user\Appdata\Local\QToolbar” don´t exist, this is not a instaler !!
I run Zbrush, by a simple sphere, in edit mode … run QToolbar, by the hotkeys and … nothing!
I think I’m missing some step … no?

Try right click on QToolbar --> Properties and at “Compatibility” tab, check “Disable visual themes”, and “Disable desktop composition”.


Nothing…still same problem !:frowning:

Do you have the latest netframework (4.5) installed? I suspect there must be some sort of software (like antivirus etc…) conflict.

first of all… thanks for this amazing tool. its amazing on my desktop, on the other hand i have an issue on my asus ep121
it wont fit on my display on my highest resolution. is there anyway for me to rezise it?

It’s fixed-size. But i can make a button that collapse and expand between export tool button and Masking area.

What is your screen resolution/display resolution?