qp Manual: From ZBrush to 3DsMax (English) Translated by Sinyendil

Translated by Sinyendil(thanks!) & some minor fixes and changes by me.

Translation open to suggestions.


LINKOGRAPHY: To learn more…

Documentation (English)
Displacement Maps - ZBrushInfo

ZBrush to 3ds Max - ZBrushInfo

Displacement Exporter - ZBrushInfo

Other tutorials
ZBrush Tutorial by SoK (Spanish)

Displacement ZBrush to Max (Download Videotutorial)

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WARNING: This tutorial does not pretend to set a standar procedure; it´s based only on my experience with the software and the recompilation of data from other tutorials.
The author takes no responsability for any colateral effects caused from the reading of this tutorial, such as: so so renders, dizziness, erased date from the hard drive, neuralgia, tools saved as document, priapism, irritated groin or simple boredom.


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thx man this is very usefull. any one out there that has the time and knlolage to make a video with him telling as abit more using z-brush 3.1 and 3ds max 2008 or 2009 i would realy love that and so many other people. but still grate tutorial

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I just want to say thanks for writing this tut. It actually works for me.

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thanks for great tutorial very helpful for nebiews like me :wink:

greaat tutorial nice to see all 3 renderers s well :+1:

Hello! The style of presentation is awesome. i have been able to find a lot of informative, interesting and useful stuff from this particular forum. keep on rolling.

El link a la versión spanish esta muerto. Pero bueno, el de ingles se entiende. :slight_smile:
Other tutorials
ZBrush Tutorial by SoK (Spanish)

The link to the spanish version is dead. But hey, English is understood.

In spanish is in…
En español esta De ZBrush 3.1 A 3DsMax 9


pdf https://doqpelganger.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/qp-manual-de-zbrush-3-1-a-3dsmax-9-tutorial.pdf