Q: Mesh3DGet

I am struggling to understand what zbrush wants in the xyz bounds.

[VarDef, boundingB, 0]
[Mesh3DGet, 2, , , boundingB]

I understand that currently my variable doesn’t have enough space to take the output, or that is what I take from the error.

Not sure how to make the variables work, documentation not making sense :o

I’m afraid I don’t think that property works for Mesh3DGet - at least, I’ve never got it to. :frowning:

You can actually use the values in the Tool>Geometry>Size sliders to get the XYZ bounds. :slight_smile:

Well if you can’t get it to work I don’t feel very confident that I can ! Thanks for saving me from breaking the computer :lol:

I will try the workaround, thanks!