Q: layer system - layer count etc.


I want to dig a bit deeper into the layer system of zbrush, fairly limited but here goes:

I naturally want to get the names/values etc. But the big thing is to get the value of how many active layers there are. I see that the window ID has a set number, and if you scroll down in the layer window that number is the first layer in the “active area”

So Layer 0 would be 327, layer 1 would be 328 (window ID). If you scroll down if you have many layers, the layer that is at the top of the window for example layer 8 would also be 328.

Is there a better way to track this, create a list etc.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a short script which will show you how to do it.

Any questions, let me know.

LayerNames.txt (1.72 KB)LayerNames.txt (1.72 KB)

Thanks Marcus for the speedy reply as usual :slight_smile:

I was fearing the scroll bar hack hahah dammit. I will go through it… Zbrush nudge nudge change this :stuck_out_tongue:

Will get back to you, appreciate the txt file!