Q: Icon for Zscript or macro

Hi guys ,how can I create icon for a script or macro?

You just need to create a PSD file. Any part that is completely black will be transparent in ZBrush so take on the interface color.

You need to edit the last bit of the macro code so that ZBrush can find the icon:

//ZBRUSH MACRO for ZBrush 4R8 - save this file to the ZStartup/Macros/Misc folder

[IButton,???,“Popup info”,

//main macro code


In the last line the 0.3 is the width and height of the button, in this case approximately a third of a palette width and height. If you leave those values out then the button will be the same size as the image. The file name must be inside quotes. In the example above the icon file is in the same folder as the macro - if you want to put it elsewhere you’ll need to give the path as well. Make sure the commas are in the right place for the macro code!

Example icon file:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: