PYRAMID HEAD WIP, first post

this is my first post, critiques welcomed, i didnt spend to much time on the head, but then again its still in progress!
ENjoy!:smiley: pyrMID HEAD WIP3.jpg


pyrMID HEAD WIP4.jpg

pyrMID HEAD WIP2.jpg


Ahhhh! Silent Hill…good movie. It’s a good start. Keep going.

Very good, put some work on it and will become owesome.

I sugest a solid base for the head, and them some work on z-brush.

I did the Pyramid head myself.


Wow thanx for the comment,

ive tried a simple base mesh before but i trouble because i would build the triangle head in MAX then import it to Zbrush, but when i subdivide it, it becomes round and i cant find a simple tutorial that shows how to do so.

if u have any suggestion plz tell and thanx again for the comment, i appreciate it


for the head I model a base in softimage.

oh yes, about the round triangle head, in z-brush in the pallet ‘geometry’ you have the button ‘divide’ if you hit, like you did, the mesh will divide and smooth, but if you disable the button ‘Smt’ in front the button ‘divide’ , you will divide the mesh withought smoothing it.

that’s it, all you have to do is disable the ‘smt’ button.

hope it helps, and sorry for the bad english.