Purple Rain motorcycle

Hi, dear friends, there is one recent work that I have the pleasure to model I hope to like it.
Motorcycle for print, collectible toy, made on ZBrush and Maya.

1111111113 Captura2


Nice hard surface model :slight_smile: how much was done in ZBrush?

like 70% was done on ZBrush, using booleans, dynamesh, zremesher, and Sculptris pro.
Cables were made just as quickly in ZBrush, many parts were accomplished with dynamesh and the new zremesher.
this is one piece example, using primitives dynamesh booleans, decimation master, and zremesher.

70% is higher use then I expected :slight_smile: the retopo looks very clean too

yes the new zremesher works very cool for the hardsurface works

Outstanding. Who doesn’t love the classic Purple Rain

yes soon i go to post the final print with the character