Purple Power

Hi there! This was a little personal project I’d been picking away at. Trying to maintain my stylized likeness chops and have some fun.




Miss this amazing artist much, well done @AnthonySRivero :slight_smile:

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@Jaime Me too and thank you.

Anyone have tips on how to avoid the compression that seems to happen with some uploads?

@AnthonySRivero Some of what happens is caused by the fact that ZBC will scale your image within the topic based on the size of your browser window. That scaling can inherently create some display effects that look like compression but really aren’t.

But also remember that your image editor performs compression when you save the model as JPG. There is no way to get around that as JPG is a compressed image format. Your image editor will not always display a preview of the compression accurately, and what you see there can sometimes be different from what the final saved image looks like.

Gradients are especially prone to showing effects from these sorts of things.

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@AnthonySRivero One tip I can offer to counteract this effect - try blending in some subtle gaussian noise over the gradient in your image editor. This can break up the halo effect, but you’ll have to experiment to achieve the results you want.

Great piece too, by the way :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the compression tips everyone! Much appreciated.