Punk girl / Realtime

Hello everyone.
Here is my latest personal project. This real-time character was modeled in Zbrush/Maya, textured in substance painter.
Screenshots from marmoset toolbag 3.
Hope you like it!

<iframe src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/lEHA5mySg4U?rel=0&vq=large” allowfullscreen="" width=“853” height=“480” frameborder=“0”></iframe>

More images on artstation:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xyR2m


She’s pretty cool. Even though I find her pronounced superciliary arches and slightly angular mandible somewhat masculine in the sculpt renders, the real-time skin shading with SSS kinda smooths things up a bit. And she’s overall more feminine there, which is interesting. But nevertheless, I really like the definition of underlying skull in the sculpt renders. Like I could see the skull with my “x-ray vision”. Anatomy is definitely on point. (;

I’m curious to know how you approached the eye shading in MT3. They look so natural.

The funny thing here is that you’ve joined ZBC literally like 10 years ago (2007) and haven’t posted anything until now. :smiley:

That’s amazingly good work.

@FourtyNights, Yes, It was a long, hard road to the first post :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comment! It was my main goal to create badass pretty girl with few masculin face feachurce. You got it right!
Here is my eye setup, I hope it will help.

@dillster, Thanks man!

Thanks for the breakdown of the eyes. Things I really like here is the subtle noise arounde the cornea on the outer eye mesh, whereas the reflection on the bulge of the actual cornea is smooth. Cool touch for realism.

I’ve also done the fake depth of the iris and pupil with the height map for the parallax effect, but I get artifacts on grazing angles. So I’ve ended up modeling the concavity, but the downside is there’s no proper refraction in a real-time rendering, but maybe someday we have! ;D

I see you used the specular workflow instead of the metalness workflow. I wonder if that specular map is used in the metalness workflow.

Did you place the wetness mesh between the eye and lower eyelid? (You seem to have a small gap between the lower eyelid and eye, but as far as I know there isn’t a gap. But it’s only visible from the side view you have there) And shouldn’t the wetness go around the eye and cover the lacrimal caruncle as well? Being a bit nitpicky here, even though your work is amazing. :smiley:

This is a breakdown of another artist and he made the wetness to go around the whole eye including the lacrimal caruncle, and he also had an AO ring.


In my opinion the AO ring isn’t necessary, because your real-time renders look really good without it. (;

EDIT: BUT, the shape of your wetness mesh is more accurate with reflections, which gave me an inspiration. Thanks for that.

  • In prodution you cant combine metalness and specular. But Its my personal project I can do what I want to )
  • Yes there is a small gap, this create effect that eye seets in… I just like how it looks ))
  • Usualy I create whole eye wetness for render projects. For game project and for this case I decided make it only for lower eyelid.