Thought I’d share this 3D concept here. The character was my learning process to try out some 3D concepting. I’m a bit late into the game but I much prefer designing and creating new things and Zbrush is quite powerful for that now that I’m caught up on most of the new functionalities.

His name is Pugoblin, a mix between dog and goblin, obviously. Nobody likes him because he’s so different but he’s a big softie and filled with love for life just like any other dogs out there. His interest? Obviously gardening!

The sculpt was kept loose and segmented in joints for easier posing and less time on the fixing. All accessories are created from the IMM I have built up so far or during the process. I focused the micro details where it’s more important and left the rest in the concepting/paint over phase.

I actually output the passes from Marmoset Toolbag 3 as I don’t have access to keyshot just yet… but they worked pretty good. They go in order from Diffused, Direct and Bounce, Direct Light, Reflection, ID.

I hope you guys like the piece, thanks for viewing!





Nicely done and good composition bro !!!

cute work

Appreciate the good words guys! Means a lot coming from great artists such as yourselves!