Pseudoscorpion model for VR

This is a pseudoscorpion model I created for a group of scientists working in Italy on an educational VR project. The project is funded by the European Social Fund. I modeled it in ZBrush, retopo and rigged in Maya. Textures were created in substance Painter. Since this is a real-time VR project I had to keep the total poly count low. I think this is around 24K quad polys using 2 2K textures. Very pleased with how it came out, can’t wait to see the final VR project. Pseudoscorpions are not true scorpions but they are arachnids. They are very small and completely harmless to people. They often hitch a ride on other larger insects.

eric-keller-pseudoscorpion-textured-02 eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-04 eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-05

eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-03 eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-07 eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-06 eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-02 eric-keller-pseudoscorp-zbrush-01