Psarcophogus1: Aeon

Here is my first ZBrush3 Sculpture (actually my second Z Brush Sculpture).

This Sculpt was done from a base mesh imported from Maya and I used only freehand Masking and Brushes and some Alphas that I previously created.
I learned a lot making this scultpture so some of the inconsistancies are apparent. Lazymouse was learned later in the sculpt and I didn’t have the ability to save AlphMasks so some of the Masking is imperfect.
All in all a great learning experience.
I love ZBrush 3













Love your style.
nice details.:+1:

Thanks. I found myself having to cut the project off, because I couldn’t run into any limitations concerning how much detail I could add!
I’m totally addicted to ZB3.

nice work dude! amazing

Looks like Geiger meets PotC Dead Mans Chest. Very sweet.

Thank you for that awesome compliment.
I’d like to see what Geiger would do with Zbrush.


you might enjoy looking into an aritst by the name of Beksinsky your sculpt looks like some of his paintings.

Veeeery Giger-like! :+1:

I love Beksinsky. He and Escher are my heroes, oh yeah can’t forget Ernst Fuches.

Very nice! Robot cellulites?

Wow! All of these replies. Thanks so much everyone. ZBrush Central is a great place to be.
Oh and Lemonado, I used to live in Bloomfield about 25 years ago.

Oooooooh, this is beautiful! Really great detail work. If this is your first sculpt, I can’t wait to see what you do next. :smiley:

Very cool style. I like your thought process. It sorta looks like a combination of sci-fi android and organic sea life design.

Like it’s some type of futuristic and/or alien crypt, like a King Tut’s tomb type of object.

Edit: Silly me, didn’t read the title, just clicked on the thumbnail to get here. LOL. “Psarcophogus”

I love this style Great Job!

hy man u done a greate ans superb job weldone :smiley:


Wow, this is fantastic, great job.

Original and really cool concept, very well executed, gj :+1:

Just want to say thanks again to all of you awesome ZBrush Artists. You give me endless amounts of inspiration ( and a kick in the pants or two).
I’m designing Psarcophogus2 right now, but I’m still on paper. My “real” job has me busy. TGIF.
Peace ya’ll.

beautifull…I love it!