Hey all! This is my first time to post here but I’ve been lurking around the forum for quite some time! :cool: First of all I’d to commend all the artists that post on the site! I have never seen so much talent in one place! I took a one month beginner class on maya and I tried to learn ZBrush through the tutorials posted on the site! I haven’t been working lately though due to my pc… hangs a lot, and World of Warcraft! :smiley: This is what I was working on… a month and a half ago… Was inspired by Starcraft! (Blizzard fan :lol: )Hope you guys like it!


I don’t really know how to texture so I just used maya’s 3d paint tool to texture it. I also made a test animation for the head but I don’t know where I can upload it… I’m not net savvy… :cry: Anyway, thanks so much for all the help! Lookin forward to seeing more excellent work! :smiley:




Seems I posted twice but my previous post gives an invalid link… sorry for that! :smiley:

huh, zealot. :slight_smile: and where are energetic blades? :slight_smile:
welcome aboard.