This work puts focus on ordinary items of our lives and imbues them with magical properties we often forget they have, so we search for them in video games, books or movies. But these are real items, we own them already, and they are life giving, mystical and magical.

Sculpted, modeled and textured manually. No photo or scan data textures have been used, nor cloth sim.

Concordia from Dmitrij Leppée on Vimeo.


Now that’s what I call well dressed :+1:
Nice tailoring.

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Love the final picture, love all the details.

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Thank you @boozy_floozie and @Celestial ! It means a great deal to me, as I gave all I had for this one.

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I can imagine, it takes a LOT of work to bring such a complex 3D portrait to life, I’ve only done 3D busts on this level.
Keep up the great work :smiley: