Projection master with sebastien legrain - part 1

Hi all,

I have a problem with this. What the tutor is doing and what happens on my xbrush is totally different. I am going crazy.

I create the cube3D. perform initialise no issues.

But unified skin will not go down to 8 resolution as the tutor does onn his machine. I can only get 16.
After pressing Unified Skin, if creates some odd looking shapes that are not the basic rectangle the tutor has.

Then in the Geometry panel, mine has hardly any options compared to the tutor. So When I follow his subdivisions I do not get the same results.

The only way I could get a similair result was to press Make PolyMesh3D before unifing the skin.

I have included a few screen shots.

1 - afterunify= the werid shape that is made ater pressing unified skin
2 - my work around using makepolymesh3d, which might not work forther on in the lesson, it was just my fustration at trying to make the tutors shape.


zymonafter unify.JPGmakepoymesh3d.JPG


after unify.JPG