Projecting details, retopology in 3dcoat sculpt in zbrush

i have sculpted a mesh in zbrush built in maya, them i retopologized the sculpt on in 3dcoat, now i import the retopologized mesh in zbrush and i cannot project the details over that retopology.

both has diferent topology.1 2

im thinking that the topology are too different to project the details.

any thoughts, tks in advanced

Hi @johiko

I can’t tell much about your process from the pictures. Here are the procedures for projecting detail. Select the method best for your situation.

Here is a video showing the the process.

Be sure they both occupy the same worldspace. Make sure to subdivide the mesh sufficiently to hold any incoming detail. Sometimes the “Dist” slider in the Tool > Subtool > Projection menu needs to be adjusted, or even maxed out to capture all the detail.

If you still can’t get it to work, we will need to learn more about your process to determine where it might be going wrong. Please illustrate this as best as possible, with screenshots of the Zbrush interface if possible.

tks for the answer, the first pic is the mesh that i ve sculpted on zbrush, coming from maya.
this is the mesh that i ve sculpted on zbrush

later i ve exported a mesh sculpted from zbrush to make the retolopology in 3dcoat.
this is the retopology that i ve made on 3dcoat.

i think that could be the retopology.

tks in advance