Project: Beebop

Like most children of the 90’s, I grew up as a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. But unlike most kids, I found myself rooting for the bad guys. Beebop and Rocksteady were two of my favorite villains and I was always disappointed that they were ALWAYS left out of all the movies. So, out of pure selfish desire, I decided to make my own versions of them. Beebop is up first. I’ll post WIPs as I go. Here’s what I got so far…




Hey bro,
really lovin this sculpt. lots of nice and well places details and very nice overall silhouette.
wouldnt really have guessed that its Beebop without his glasses and all :stuck_out_tongue: more like a really nicely visioned man Pig Design. also witht the grenades its defently a grown up version of him.
anywho, overall i really just want to say very nice and inspiring work. really like it a lot. More please!:smiley:

Man, really like the your sculpt, the face is awesome, very detailed. Congrats dude.

But I have some points, arms and hands could receive more love, maybe some hair. And the pulse seems odd to me, with his hand in this position, the arms would be more rotated inward.

See ya!

good job mate.

Looks good! I like it.

Looking good so far…very nice work on the jacket! I’d maybe add some gravity to the stomach though…put it over his beltline…

Finished modelling Beebop’s weapon. I call it the Shell Shucker and it’s especially effective at de-shelling turtles…

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I’m having a lot of fun on this one.

Started my favorite part, the texturing. I want Beebop to have the look of a guy who’s freshly had his ass kicked and is on a mission to get a little payback. Except this time, he brought a bigger gun.

Looking pretty awesome, love the characterisation that you can get just from his clothing and accessories… Would the cylinders on the grenade launcher have to line up with the barrels, or does it rotate into position and then fire?

Anyway, keep it up!

Still a lot to finish. I’ll be adding a lot more dirt and grime… Maybe a few more tats as well.

very cool, i like him a lot…

can’t wait to see Rocksteady, he was always my favourite…

Lookin good dude, The textureing is coming along pretty nicely