Problem with latest patch 2022.0.4

Anybody else having issues with activating the Gizmo with the latest patch? Every time I click “W” to activate the Gizmo, after I use an IMM brush, Zbrush crashes. I tried just clicking on the “Move” button at the top of the UI but it does the same thing.

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Hello @Missy ,

This is a known issue, thank you! For the time being you can avoid this crash by disabling Preferences> Gizmo3d> Large Icons. You would then need to store your config with Preferences> Config> Store Config to have this change remembered at startup.


Thank you!

Ah! I see someone already found the problem. Thanks for the hotfix in the meantime.

So in order to be able to use the latest patch, you have to disable the only feature in the latest patch? If you could provide more than one minor version of the latest ZBrush so we could actually downgrade if you push a bad patch, that’d be good. I know Maxon insist that we should be on the latest and greatest, but this is only the second patch of Maxon’s ownership and it’s literally broken the only feature update it contains, so that update or perish mindset is looking pretty hollow right now.


I patched to 2022.0.4, unfortunately the GIZMO change doesn’t works anymore after the patch!

Also crash on gizmo after insert brush please Fix , it also works by disabling the big gizmo option.

after reinstalling ZBrush it now works on my PC :grinning: