Princess Zelda _ Legend of Zelda Game FanArt

Hi people, this is my tribute to the game I love very much, I paid this tribute thinking about a concept by the artist @kumonz, but I used references of other types for armor.

It was made for a course aimed at collectible statues, but I ended up with no intention of selling it!

well, this is my reimagined Zelda!
First time posting here,
Hope you like it!


untitled untitled2 untitled1

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Can’t wait to see this printed and painted! Great job with the separation of parts and keys

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Thank you, Imagine I hehe, I also wanted to see in real life

Wow! This is a very cool character for a video game!!!

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thank you hehe, give a like there! :rofl:

like the weapons, but the character design doesn’t feel right, realistic look doesn’t look good for “legend of zelda”.

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