princess of atlantis

hi guys ,

here is my third model i hope to get yur crtis and comments :slight_smile:


that is very cool, keep going with it

Nice concept and modelling! have you thought about textures?

Real nice looking model for sure

reminds me of the naga from World of Warcraft hehe

yea im a nerd.

but definately like the form, seems like you got a good handle on topology id love to see a wire mesh view of some various sub-D levels.


Did you make any zscripts or z movies on how you created the princess of atlantis ?

thanks salmongod
i will try to texture it within zbrush .i hope it turns out well .

yes he is based on the naga by world of warcfraft

ill will try to record it . when i plan to model here again :smiley:





this is my first try to texture in zbrush. i hope it gets better and my second attempt





her bottom half definitely needs a color variation… I also think your pose is very strong here… the attitude and motion you suggest to me is very reptilian, and I’ve owned several reptiles

I like your approach to the Mermaid theme! The overall look is well done. In your first post your abs have a somewhat softer look. In your color/textured last post the abs are prominate making her overall appearence hard edged if this is what your aiming at all’s good, otherwise I personally liked the softer look of the first post.

You say this is your third sculpt? Do you have other sculpture experience?

hi salmongod i agree that she look more snake than a mermaid to me. i have completely rebuild it and added more mermaid like texture.

hyper1 i like the new abs much more than the old one. i am aiming for a more scary type and much more none human form. and it comes out well for me.thanks anyways for the comment. here is final piece i have also sculpt a devil and protoss. just look on my profile and find my thread started. :slight_smile:




I wasnt even referring to scales, though I do agree after looking at them… they look much more fish-like now

the stance is what gives me such a strong reptilian impression… it looks like a classic snake’s “S” stance in humanoid form… the way her lower body and head are both pointed forward while her shoulders are tilted back… it’s a very defensive/aggressive pose very much like a reptile, plus the way her arms are puffed out for a combination of intimidation and readiness… snakes and larger reptiles always give off this read-for-a-fight attitude when threatened… if they just look pissed off and scary, then whatever’s scaring them will usually go away

fish just keep their head straight forward with everything else flowing behind… when threatened, they have little choice but to simply turn around… plus I have never seen a mermaid portrayed as rearing up on their fin like that

dont get me wrong though… it’s a comment, not a critique… I just think the naga/reptilian direction really works for the character with that pose… it has a ton of personality that I’ve never seen in a naga character before

hello salmondgod. ok i agree with your point. i would like for you to suggest a pose for me. :slight_smile: yu can make sketch of it or a rough drawing . so i can implement it. thanks for the comment btw. here is an update.








Fantastic work