This is a predator head I started today. At the moment the tenticle bits are a seperate mesh, would love to connect them up or even mesh them from the head but not sure how. Any tips would be great. THANKS!!

the head looks too dam wide! …but goOD start

You’re right, wish I had a real one to compare!!!

Check out www.avpgalaxy.net for reference materials. I think You’ll find a lot of pictures in their various galleries that would be helpful to you…or try a google image search.

looks like a good start to me! keep it up + post as you go :smiley:

Thanks for the tips folks!:+1:

The head actually reminds me of the Upgrade Predator seen in the new The Predator movie.
Its probably the size, low forehead and the wideness of it.
Too bad the movie was terrible and messed with the established Predator lore too much.
The franchise is pretty much dead now.