Practice / WIP

Hey guys I just did this head for practice,
I would LOVE some critique and any advice you have about texturing realistic skin in zbrush
Cheers :smiley:




looks great to me :slight_smile:

So this is what I managed to do today, it’s still really rough as you can see.
But I’m still learning so I would really appreciate critique :smiley:

Another angle

Hi, I’m under the impression that the face on your second monochrome image is a bit wider than the first one.
Must say that I prefer the first one, and I’m glad you now go on with that first one. Despite the fact that the second one has eyeballs and the first not, it must be earlier as the lips and mouth area clearly show polygon edges.

The lower lip in the coloured images does not match the shape of said lip itself. There is a soft transition with the skin, but it is not that large.
The ears are also still a bit waxy. Probably sss.

Congrats. Good work.

Hey Erik, thanks for your feedback I appreciate it
Yeah she’s in the very early stages so I have a tone of things like that to tweak still
But since the lips and ears seem to stick out the most I’ll get right onto them :slight_smile:

I think modelwise it’s the ears who need more detail… the ear pinna cavity is not there


She wont be able to put her glasses :wink:

Thanks Scote
Haha I didn’t notice that and I was going to have her with glasses later on :slight_smile: