Post Human W.I.P - Stucked... O_o


Hi… Well, first of all I think, that I destoyed my Model…

The first thing i built was the head, after that, the body starting with ZSpheres… And now I dont have a clue of how to blend/weld it without loose the original resolution, the DynMesh is very destructive, the head and fingers specially have a low res finishing… D:

This is the body, welded with Dynamesh…

And this, the separated model… D:

If you can give me some tips… It would be very appreciated… P

Because, I can’t use the qRemesher property if the base mesh is Wrong… ;(
And I want to Dress it, Texture and Maybe animate it… I love my model… And its broken…

Thanks… :slight_smile:


Hard Head.jpg


Hard Body Red 2.jpg

Hard Body Red.jpg

Hard Shit.jpg


merge into one subtool through the subtool palette then try the qrmesher. I’m not sure but you might have to make it a dynamesh first. Which is like qremesh but with not so good topology. As for the “destruction” as you say from dynamesh, you might have to raise the resolution first. Try using the freeze sub levels function under the geometry tab. In any case dynamesh is to be used in an early stage of the model then you should add detail. Hope I helped you.

Thank you very much man… I was using the max DynaMesh resolution, but wasn’t enough… So I found a new option, with the plugin “Clean Tool Master” i can use a resolution higher than normal 2x or more times… And used an old face without a mouth hole…

Then I proyected the Details into the new Mesh… :slight_smile:

The pen of my tablet and my mouse broke down… So, I cant do anymore with the Touchpad of the Lap… o_O

Thanks again for the help… :slight_smile: