Possible to set Hotkey to activate brush only as long as the key is pressed?

Hi everybody,
is it somehow possible to script a hotkey, which activates a brush temporarily?

Example: The Smooth brush is only active while Shift Key is pressed. That makes sense.

But I would like to put also the “polish” brush on “K” for example in the same way.
And move on another Key.
Because these are brushes which you just use briefly when working mainly with a sculpting brush.

Many thanks,

You can’t use another hotkey like that. Though what you can do is to switch the Shift behaviour to another brush instead of Smooth. All you need to do is click B to bring up the Brush palette pop-up then hold Shift before clicking the brush icon you want. Then any time you hold Shift that brush will be selected.

Another possibility is to use a macro which will toggle between the brushes. I’ve attached two macros, one for Move and one for Polish. Save to the ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\Macros\Misc\ folder. Press Reload All Macros and you should have two new buttons called Move-toggle and Polish-toggle. Assign a different hotkey to each button.

Pressing a hotkey once will switch to the Move or Polish brush. Pressing the hotkey again will switch back to the brush you had previously selected.

thanks, that was exactly the kind of workflow I was searching for…
I will try out soon :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus, just in case you know here a solution, too:

I find it meanwhile very convenient to use another Zplugin function:
To increase and decrease brush size by a hotkey.
I have assigned (like photoshop) the “,” to making brush smaller and “k” to making brush bigger (I wanted to use "."for making brush bigger but somehow it is not possible to use the “.” for any hotkey.
This is very good in workflow, because you can hold your pen and your eyes static at the same point you are working on or change the size WHILE working.

Is it possible to assign in the same way something for increase/decrease Focus and maybe also Z-depth?
Maybe I could clone that plugin script and adapt it once to focus and once to Z (and for some users maybe also RGB).

p.s. I haven’t ZBrush here on this computer, but I think the “increase/decrease brush by hotkey” function was somewhere on the top maybe at “Misc”.

What you want is available here (just make sure to install in the ZStartup\ZPlugs64 for ZBrush 64bit) :

thanks, amazing!