Possible to expand the 3d Mesh primitives library with my own parametric 3d meshes?

Hi, There’s probably a simple answer of “nope” here. But I was trying to find info on adding my own 3d mesh primitives - complete with initialize parameters.

Is it possible? I couldn’t find any presets or scripts in the install files but would like to add some of my own.





Basically no, you can’t. The primitives, or adding to them, are beyond the reach of zscript. I suppose if you wanted you could create your own set of initialize sliders but you’d have to create the mesh outside ZBrush (say by using a DLL) and import it, so the user would get no visual feedback when adjusting the settings.

A slightly different approach would be to use the Curves zscript commands but again the absence of visual feedback for the user would severely restrict the possibilities.

I figured after not finding anything on it - thanks for the closure marcus! :smiley: