Poser Utilities plugin for ZBrush 4R7 (updated November 24 2015)

Note that use of this plugin is at your own risk. Be sure to back up your work before using!


If you installed the previous version make sure you delete both the PoserUtilities01.ZSC file and PoserUtilitiesData folder from your ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\ZPlugs folder before installing the new version.

  1. Unzip the zip file to your Desktop making sure that the unzipping program preserves the file/folder structure. Generally a folder called ‘PoserUtilities_4R7’ will be created. Inside this will be the actual plugin files/folder.
  2. You should have a PoserUtilities_4R7.ZSC file and a PoserUtilitiesData folder (which contains three files). Copy the PoserUtilities_4R7.ZSC file and PoserUtilitiesData folder to your ZBrush 4R7<b>ZStartup\ZPlugs64 folder. This installs the plugin for ZBrush 64bit.
  3. Also copy the PoserUtilities_4R7.ZSC file and PoserUtilitiesData folder to your ZBrush 4R7<b>ZStartup\ZPlugs folder. This installs the plugin for ZBrush 32bit.
  4. Restart ZBrush. You will find a new submenu called ‘Poser Utilities’ in the Zplugin palette.


*Export Groups to OBJs
Press the ‘Export Groups to OBJs’ button to export an OBJ for each group of the current mesh.
This button will export the selected mesh in ZBrush as separate OBJ files for each polygroup. The filenames will be the names of the groups in ZBrush. If the polygroups were assigned in ZBrush then these names will be something like ‘Group43598’. If an OBJ was imported into ZBrush then the group names are preserved so long as no new polygroups where created inside ZBrush. That ‘Save As’ dialogue is just for selecting a folder for the files; the entered file name will not be used.

*SubTools to Groups
Press ‘SubTools to Groups’ button to export the visible SubTools as separate groups to a single OBJ file. The SubTool name will be the name of the group and duplicate names will have ‘_copy’ added. Currently UVs are NOT exported. Note that the selected subdivision level for each SubTool will be used so make sure to set all to the level you want before exporting.

*Export OBJ
Press the ‘Export OBJ’ button to export an OBJ so that unused points are restored. ZBrush will remove unused points when importing an OBJ; this option will restore them (as well as any groups and group names that are in the original file). When you press the button you will first be asked to choose a file name to save the new OBJ, then you will be asked to select the original OBJ that you exported from Poser. (Note that if you select this file as the ‘Save As’ file the plugin will still work but your original file will be overwritten.)

*Export Restore Groups
This will restore original groups and group names from the original OBJ. This is useful because ZBrush doesn’t keep the group names. It also means that you can change the polygroups while working in ZBrush. When you press the button you will first be asked to choose a file name to save the new OBJ, then you will be asked to select the original OBJ that you exported from Poser.

This new 4R7 version should work with both Windows and Mac OSX.

Download here for 4R7 :
PoserUtilities_4R7.zip (316.7 KB)

I hope you find this useful. Please post any questions/suggestions in this thread.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, great features for Poser & Daz users.

Thanks, sounds interesting!

Waiting for a mac version.

I’ll get that done when I can but it will be after the release of 4R2b.

You have no idea how deeply and how sincere this thank you is.
What makes it even better is that Mr. Civis is the messenger with my
biggest Christmas GifT.
…thank you very much.

Marcus, does this utility work with 4.2b or should we hold off upgrading? (Can’t run 4.2 and 4.2b in parallel with the current upgrade process . . .)



Belated thanks for your kind words.


I’ve not tested this yet with 4R2B but there is nothing it uses that has been changed from 4R2, so I don’t think you need to hold off on updating. (But should you discover an issue I’ll update the plugin promptly, so let me know.)


Thank you for this plugin … It’s going to make life easier

Have a blessed day!

Character creators exporting for Poser may find that subtools merged into a single obj will not weld properly when imported into Poser and other studio rendering apps. You may find a gap around the perimeter of each group. Texture may not show the gap, however its apparent after rigging/jp that the groups are not adhering at the seams. Checking the .OBJ / CR2 reveal that the weld lines are in the files. Re-welding doesn’t work. After experimenting I am finding that I can export a mesh from ZBrush with polygroups, however it can be done if the polygroups have already been converted to subtools. Use the Export All Subtools function in Decimation Master z-brush plugin. Start by Deleting Cache. THen select Freeze borders & Keep UV’s options. Then hit Preprocess Current (should be a single, polygrouped mesh to start with). DONT DECIMATE. Now the last button “Export All Subtools” The result is a single .obj that is “soft” grouped (using z-brush names, you replace with Poser group names with text editor). Re-org the grouping structure the OBJ in Poser or PhilC’s PHI Builder and your on your way to joint heaven or hell.

Good to see this is still being updated! Thanks for the link, Marcus.

Since dreamcutter has a system down to retain welds, could this be built into a single export button in the poser plugin?

I don’t know about that, I will have to look.

Thanks for at least looking into it!

I wouldn’t bother with this … Get DAZ Studio, use Genesis … Import all your stuff there and rig, then export to Poser …
The new Daz Studio, and Genesis, is way better than Poser ever was … all those complicated groups and objects. You can rig anything to fit Genesis, use all the morphs, as long as you build good geometry it will fit every time …

Not everyone want’s to use Genesis.

Use Genesis? That limits you to DAZ and then your not creating your own figure, ground up. Kind of misses the main objective for many that purchased Z-Brush to model custom figures. Relying on their Genesis base mesh, not ceertain how copyrights carry forward with that, but I know it wont give you any advantage to the massive market of Poser users, nor how a Genesis based mesh may be applied in derived products as in porting to Unity, SL or such it can be accomplished legally. I use DAZ Studio Pro4 its a great tool, and its GOZ is nice, and Genisis is a great innovation, the content metadasystem is brilliant, but I RIG in POSER to optimize of their JP and weight-maps and get my daily dose of torture and frustration. My PIG figure project is “Hormel Hog” complete and can be downloaded free FarmPeeps.com :rolleyes:

This is an excellent piece of work my friend very useful indeed !!!

I am trying to use this plugin and have installed as instructed and am receiving the following error:
Could not locate the following script “PoserUtilities03.txt”

Can you please assist and/or advise?

Hi DarkEdge,

I just tested the plugin in the 32bit version of 4R7 and it worked fine. Make sure you install in the ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\ZPlugs folder and then run the 32bit ZBrush. The plugin won’t work with 64bit. I will update when I can but it won’t be for a week or so as I’m too busy.

New version for 4R7. Should work OK with both Mac OSX and Windows, 32 bit & 64 bit. Any problems, let me know.