Portrait with Waves

For this project I wanted to really test a mesh based workflow for creating hair strands. The main idea is to create a hairstyle driven by mesh shape with limited necessity for further grooming. That’s why I created the basic sculpt for the hair in ZBrush. I then converted the geo to hair guides for rendering. I was very pleased how much control I had in regard to styling using this workflow. I refined the skin further using skin alphas. Nearly all color information is created in Substance Painter. The makeup was done in Substance painter as well and exported to Blender for shading and rendering. Final result was rendered in Cycles for Blender.



Excellent! Really turned out great! :+1:

Agree with Marcus, this came out really nice, and the technique you used totally goes with the 20’s hair style of your character. Congrats @Aerus and thanks for sharing with us.

Hey Marcus, hey Jaime, thank you for the kind comments :relaxed:

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Really cool hair experimenting - great style & renders
:sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: