Portrait Sketch of Jordan Peterson

Hi community,
here is another portrait sketch done in ZBrush core mini. This is a work in progress . Jordan Peterson has been a big inspiration to me, someone who opens dialogues , to be viewed from all sides, no judgment…so lets see . I am right at the beginning of this ZBrush journey but I am having a whole lot of fun.


“…beginning of this ZBrush journey…”

I’d say, that’s a really solid start :sunglasses: :+1: :star2:!


Hi Geert, thanks a lot…its nice to hear such positive feedback.
It´s quite overwelming posting art here, because I see here such incredible artists including you and it seems like they have been on this platform for years … how does one keep up hahahhaha ? I am an analogue artist and finally now I have the chance to explore and practice different forms of digital art…but I am so behind and its a constant challenge to find out if I am capable of moving so fast in this crazy digital flow …

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I practiced for about a year before posting on ZBC - felt exactly the same as you describe :scream: :slight_smile:. Depending on your artistic background, you could have a head start in making the jump to digital - having experience with (traditional) artistic mediums & tools, ZBrush is a (only) new tool in your arsenal :sunglasses: :+1: :star2:!!

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wow, thank you for this feedback, coming from you I really value it. You are a teacher right? I still haven´t had time to properly look at your beautifully presented incredible work…I absolutly love the way you show your work and the love and care and professionality you put into it.Thank you for sharing.

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