Portrait of Sebastião Salgado

Hi everyone, this is an artistic portraiture that I’ve developed during Kris Costa’s incredible Fly on the Wall class! It was my first attempt to create a portrait like this, so it was a huge challenge! The project was made using HD Geometry, with everything sculpted and painted by hand. Pores were placed either one by one or through and array. There are still things that bothers me, and I can’t call it officially done, but I think it’s time to move on since portraits are an endless process and I want to have more pieces on my portfolio. I made a promise to myself that I would have three projects posted before I finished my first 3D year, so, there it is! And the learning curve is there if I compare to my latest projects, so, I’m happy with the results!

If you don’t know who Sebastião Salgado is, I kindly suggest you to search his photography work and watch ‘The Salt of the Earth’ documentary. I don’t even have words to describe how important his work is! So please, check him out!
thinkin_flashlight thinkin_flashlight_left

thinkin_rembrandt_left zoom_flashlight zoom_naturelab zoom_rembrandt front_flashlight front_naturelab front_rembrandt right_thinking_naturelab right_thinking_rembrandt thinkin_flashlight thinkin_flashlight_left thinkin_naturelab_left


Outstanding! My favorite is the black & white render :+1:

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excellent piece of work…

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Wow fantastic

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Really great stuff…!!! I like the gray scale …!!!

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Thanks man! I love the bnw too!

Excellent work Roger!!! The amount of time and care you put in this piece really shows. I am really proud of you, buddy!! :slight_smile:


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Thanks to your amazing content and kindness <3

Best in recent time :beers::beers: