Portrait of Ronnie James Dio

Hello everyone. In this project I’ve tried to learn how to use the Metahuman facial rig/blendshapes and implement them to my workflow. It’s an amazing tool for character artists and maybe this is gonna be my way into UE5, since their basemesh is so cool. The blendshapes are just a test, it needs a good cleanup and refinement, but it works! It was also fun to experiment with lighting too!

Talking about Dio, I knew that he was like one of the best vocals in heavy-metal history, but I didn’t go deeper enough. I recently re-discovered his work and damn… He was really a legend, you just can’t touch any of his stuff, it’s insane! I know some people that met him in life and said that he was very humble and kind to everyone he met. Sadly, I will not meet him or see any of his stuff in person, that’s, I dunno, just sad… Well that was my take on him, as a tribute, thank you for those amazing songs, Dio. If you’re a heavy metal fan, please check out some of his songs, like Stargazer and Temple of the King, just amazing orchestration and vocals.

The game changer here was 3D Scan Store HD Head Asset, which was kindly provided by James Busby (Also cudos to Salim Ljabli, which is a great artist that did all of this amazing detail to the 3DSCANSTORE assets!)

(https://www.artstation.com/ten_24). The head is so highly detailed and versatile that was easy to transfer it’s details to a HDGeometry mesh made from Metahuman. James is a cool guy and I saw in him a passion when doing digi-humans, which I also share! Again, thank you dude! Please check his stuff out, it’s a good place to acquire some assets and also check some real scan reference! https://www.3dscanstore.com/

Iris are from Texturing XYZ!

Well, I guess that’s another one. Maybe I’ll try this real-time stuff now, I dunno…


Very nice portrait of a legend! Thanks for sharing insight on your process. :metal:


thank you so much for liking it!

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What a great choice to sculpt, looks “We rock”, no sir YOU ROCK!

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we rock mate!!!

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