Portrait of Rick Baker Monstermaker


I ran out of time to do anything else before my presentation at the ZBrush Summit, so I am considering this one done for now.

The whole concept behind this piece was to create a just homage to one of the very finest makeup effects artists to ever live: the living legend, Mr. Rick Baker, who inspired generations of artists, myself included.

This was a very intimidating project, because I know how much of a great eye Rick has for detail and I really wanted to do justice to him. At the same time it was risky in a way, because the approach was as artistic as I could had gone, instead of using a more “scientific” approach to assure precision.

I decided to go “old school” on this, painting all textures by hand and with no layers, using ZBrush’s polypaint and I also hand sculpted all the detail you see. No ready-made textures, brushes, scans or anything else other than ZBrush’s own default tools and my own hand made set of brushes were used in this piece. That was both a way to challenge myself and to pay just homage to an incredible, multi-talented artist as Rick, so it HAD to be done this way.

The intention was never to create an exact copy of the man, but to rather produce a convincingly realistic double, which carries my style in it and where most of all detail is made up and meant to look believable enough, but it’s definitely not a copy of any kind, just an artistic interpretation.

Groomed in Maya/XGen. Rendered in Maya/Arnold.

Now back to wrapping up my presentation, which happens this Saturday at 10am at Gnomon. This will be the center piece of it, so please don’t miss the stream going live at that time!

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Fantastic work : )

This is mindblowing. :slight_smile: I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t end up at the top row. :smiley:

:sunglasses: To my eyes this is even more convincing than the last one. Very nice.

…hands! Bravo! :+1:

Really great work Kris… awesome

This is so amazing! :d

Such a great likeness …! great job…!

Looks like real photograph…!!!Amazing job

Every few years (on this forum) an exceptional artist sets the quality bar higher. This is one of those occasions. Remarkable and inspiring work.

Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing your process on Instagram (…would like to see Giger next :sunglasses:)
Keep up the great work!
Ben | 3D Gladiator


Dang Kris, that came out fantastic. Good luck at the summit!

Simply mind blowing work , Kris!!:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Not just a damn-fine sculpt, but a damn-fine tribute to a legend, as well.

Very well done!

I realize this is a little off topic, since we are on the ZBrush forum and not the ‘hair grooming’ forum, but the hair really is as good as the sculpt. Absolutely amazing work.

Fantastic work !
Well done!!!:+1:

Amazing work as always, what higher accolade than having one Zbrush legend doing a portrait of another?
Both artists truly inspring, may you both keep going on forever :D:D:D

It was great seeing this at ZBS and pleasure meeting you in person. I especially like the portion that you were painting each pore and pore clusters. My first real work in zbrush was similar in the fact I pulled out each hair with the snake hook and I felt it was the only way to achieve the look and feel I wanted. I believe you feel the same way. I congratulate you on a real masterpiece here!

Through the tiny details, it conveys very deep emotions in the face expression! Congratulation Kris. :+1: