Portrait of Pooja

I am pleased to present the latest portrait of my wife, Pooja. I made this as a gift for her on this valentine’s day!
I had a lot of fun working on the likeness from modeling to final comp.
The hair… I spent most of my time in making the hair, as I don’t have much of experience in Xgen, it took much longer than I expected.
Render is done with V-Ray and the final composition in Photoshop.

Texture and displacement used from “3dscanstore” and modified it further.


Beautiful portrait @milindsutar What a Valentine gift :hearts: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts: :ok_hand: :dizzy: Thank you for sharing with us!

thanks @Jaime

Great work!

A charming portrait that radiates warmth and grace. :+1:
Blessings to you both.

thanks @HermanCarlsson

thanks for kind words @boozy_floozie

Its fantastic milind :ok_hand:

Beautiful work - such a nice present! :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:!!

Milind can I have your email?

Such a nice gift! Amazing work :slight_smile:

Thanks @kuntalsarkar :relaxed:

thanks @Geert_Etcher_Melis

I will DM you my mail.

thanks @graace

Yeah…but ntoe I came on this forum after hell lot of 4-5 years :D. where to see that DM?
I might need to figure out …LOL :sweat_smile:

messaged you