Portrait of MakeupFX Master: Dick Smith (Finished!)

This is the finished piece. An homage to the great master of makeup FX, Mr. Dick Smith. This piece will be printed and exhibited at the ZBrush Summit 2018, so make sure to stop by to see it in person if you can. I used ZBrush’s amazing HD geometry to sculpt all the detail you see, by hand. No third-party sets of brushes or alphas were used. The detail was created either by using ZBrush’s default brushes/alphas or my own handcrafted alphas/brushes, which were then placed by hand, as in the case of all pores, which were sculpted one at the time (actually 2 at the time, thanks to symmetry). All textures were also hand painted in HD mode, so no pictures were used, other than reference pictures, low res ones, collected from the internet to help me with the likeness. Lighting is mostly an HDRI map from Maxime Roz. Other than color correction/camera effects, there’s absolutely no comp involved, so what you see is mostly straight out of Arnold/Maya. XGen for all hair, except eyelashes (geom). A big shout out to @therickbaker for the constant source of inspiration (you are next). I hope you guys appreciate the work as much as I appreciated creating it during countless hours locked in “the lab”. If you guys like it, please share it. Cheers! #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #portrait #cg #autodesk #maya #zbrush #dicksmith #makeupfx #realism #figurativeart











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Just stunning!

Just stunning! :o Got to see the .tiff file this morning…needless to say I got “lost” examining the level of detail:D.
Great use of HD Geometry;)

amazing as always

Thank you Jaime! Yeah, there are a few things to look at! :smiley:

Thank you Ehren!

Looks amazing…!!!

Showed this to a fellow modeler (non-ZBrush) and he argued with me that this was a photograph. I finally convinced him after explaining the ZB HD process. What a wonderful tribute!

Impressive work!!
Ben | 3D Gladiator


Great job, especially the skin details are superb.

Nice sculpt, but what brush did you use?

Amazing !!! :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1: