Portrait bobblehead dolls sculpting

Hi all! At first, Donald Trump portrait sculpture FREE download (Gumroad link) Just 3d print him out! :smiley:
about the rest I will tell you more details some time later :wink:






Pretty good likeness of The Donald! Recognized him right away! Thanks for the free OBJ file! This is HUGE! :+1:

Nice work bro! Thanks for share!:+1:

Thanks! here’s Hillary, free STL, OBJ


Ok, it’s time to show how my friends decided to try to make portraits figurines from photos of real people. I picked up my wacom pen and start to sculpt. So, we have already made a lot of portrait miniatures for our customers.

Portrait and body digital sculpting - this is our work.
FDM 3d-printing, manual processing, hand painting - 3dsharzh.ru team


female body i started from my girl pose constructor adapting it.
Next figurine Long dress girl


could you tell us more details about the workflow of getting sure the printed version will looks
exactly the same with the 3d zbrush versions.
many people having problem with the printed version that looks quite different compare with 3d version .
is it something to do with the perspective or orthograhic setting ? or certain printer will print more accurate ?

Thank you zartming!
For higher quality of 3d printing required a minimum thickness of the printing layer, far as possible. It increase a printing time, but allow to get best quality. Then, printed model is subject to further processing — sanding, priming and painting. For ease of handling, the model divided into the body and the head.


hi voron, tks for the reply .
never heard of flashforge ! i’m going to google to find out more infos
of this printer !

These figurines were among the first


some couples


hi again, a few more 3d-print-ready portrait figurines from customer’s photo


are you remember my D.Trump portrait 3d model? Guys from 3dsharzh.ru has used it for making this figurines ))

I think that these are all reasonable sculptures although a bit simplistic and likely not original but from scan data.
My question though is to what purpose these are made? Are they sarcastic anti Trump political jokes because
the sculpture of Hillary seems to be very respectful and positive while Trump seems to be depicted like a billionaire
who could give a fracker. This is weird. I draw your attention to the fact that the Saudi Arabians have contributed
300 million to the Clinton foundation and that is only one of their international donors. I also draw your attention
to the fact that it is illegal for internationals to contribute in any form or way to a presidential candidate. If you
depict Trump like a wiseguy fool then please do the same for that liberal witch mafia woman Hillary. I also draw your
attention to the fact that although nothing has been proved that 106 people have died over the last few years and
the only common denominator was the CLINTON mafia. Go Figure.

PS Having lots of money is not a bad thing, most of the losers in the world are just simply jealous and need to wise up.
I do not have millions but I am happy if others have it, that is fine. I am also happy with what I got.
I chose to live a simple life and not chase money but I do not go around hating those that did.
It is a free country and it is about time people woke up to it. You have every chance to do what you want but most
of you just expect it to happen without putting in the effort. So as I said GO FIGURE!

hmm, ok

from scan data

portraits shown here is a handmade sculpt based on customer’s photo

to what purpose these are made?

just search in google the word “bobblehead”, and you will see or read

regarding the rest of what you wrote below, I do not understand why you’ve wrote it here.
My hand reaches for the spam report button (

i just add more pictures.
It is Oleg Kuvshinnikov (governor of the Vologda region, Russia) portrait bobblehead, a birthday present from colleagues.


Photo from his instagram:


very nice sculpting flow; keep it up

Like this thread and the great work on the characters. Don’t bother the Trump fans!

JuanVal, tcwik thanks!

Here’s some more photos. little portrait of a beautiful girl )



few more custom bodies


James Bond )