Poor Mr. Superaverageman

Has anyone some other odd and quick versions of good old superaverageman?


lol. no but i will do that when i come home from work^^.
this guy reminds me on someone i see evry mornin in the bathroommirror. theheeehee

Sorry JuanVal…

I’ve only a SD rough version of that man… :wink:


A nice transformation, he looks really cute.

Well I wouldn’t exactly say it was quick when I did it, because I worked on it off and on. But here’s mine. I gave him a sex change. LOL Meet Super Sexy Woman. Could probably work on the face a bit more… but you get the idea.



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That’s not the first sexual transformation from Mr. Averageman but a very promising one. Her nose is cute!

Juan: yes, definitely not the first and certainly not the best. Glad you liked the nose though. lol. I’d like to think I’ve improved since then. I guess that was nearly a year ago. haven’t messed much with it lately :D. The extra time I do have is being spent on my own modeling and sculpting. S.A.M. is a great learning tool. Though, I have still yet to make something with all quads… well, besides a box. :wink: