Poops Dump

My 3D world tutorial is out! Collaberation with my students Jeremiah Ong and Nathaniel Morgan Concept by my dear friend Songgu Kwon. Thanks Fellasa!

A W.I.P of the character i started for my Master Class for Gnomon.
Hopefully I’ll be able to do another DVD in the near future with this one.








you rock Poop Shooter! your new name should be Rainbow Pooper!:+1:

Great stuff but am I the only one that think the really dark areola and nipple look really odd?

Nice models!!

Congratulations Mark !

Very nice sculpts/texturing.
Love the little cow like creature !


Hey Mark I really like the baby minotaur/ cow. It’s lookin good. :+1: On a side note, I can’t wait to take your classes. I’m currently in my first term of the 3 year program at Gnomon. It’s gonna be a while…but it will be worth the wait.

  • Daniel Sindo

Thanks everyone!
Yelleh- I’ll take it under consideration. If I add rainbows I’ll need unicorns too!
Tobbeo- I agree! He has DAS Dark Areola Syndrome. Its a character flaw.
Baz- Thank you sir love your new piece.
Luckey -Means a lot coming from you!
Sindo- your well on your way good stuff! Looking forward to class with you. Next time you see me tell me your Sindo so I can put a name to a face.


Wonderful work, I love that little creature that the woman is holding! Cheers! :smiley:

wonderful works, was saving to buy tutors

Thanks guys
Chalkman and Moths, Love your work!

Decided to finish up some old stuff for class a demo. Langspear 20k tri, normals and diffuse only in Marmoset. Still needs some touches, a good seam cleaning and spec.

thats pretty great :slight_smile:

Really awesome. The paint works are also well done! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Wow, you have some really great stuff here. I love the texturing on the last guy. Especially the skin. Is that polypainted?

Thanks Guys!
-Frame and Snake, I really enjoy following your work!
-Industrypop. All the textures were done in Photoshop. The skin is hand painted. I used poly paint for cavity and alphas though.

Very Inspiring.

Supercool! I really loves your works. :+1:

Here is a WIP of a character I’m working on for a start up team making a Battlefield-style FPS. About 20 hours in. Still a lot of work left so don’t mind the stupid hair and incompleteness :slight_smile:
We are also looking for people! noobs or pro who are interested in joining the team for all aspects of the game. A FaceBook page will be set up in the near future. I’ll post it here once its up for those who are interested.

Great work here! Can’t wait to see more!